Who are we?

We are women and men who love spanking. We are secure in lifestyle and practice in Paris but also throughout all of France. We know that spanking is still a “slightly controversial” subject matter for certain adults so we decided to establish a set of rules designed to encourage our members to meet in a safe environment to preserve their anonymity.

Who we are not:

A forum for a diverse and varied exchange on the theme of spanking, bringing together a largely male crowd, fantasizing about this practice instead of living it, many of whom believe they have found a new circle of virtual friends to talk to.

Who should join our club:

We welcome women and men who are healthy, confident, and respectful and have an interest in spanking. Curious or insatiable, the common denominator among our members is being genuinely ready to play, more or less seriously, with a partner whose expectations are compatible with their own.

Club philosophy:

Promoting the practice of spanking between consulting adults.

We help make it easy to find a new partner by ensuring that our club remains equal in gender. We reserve the right to deny entry to avoid any discrepancy between male and female representation in the club...

The first objective of the Club is to allow those who practice spanking to meet more easily in a “safe” and enjoyable place via our site. Each member approved by administrators has access to our club members’ certified profiles whose practices fall in line with the values of their own. Most of us prefer to meet as a pair in an intimate setting as at present there are no plans to organize spanking conventions or group meeting in a dedicated space. However, the Club is not opposed to holding such meetings later on.

What distinguishes us from forums, blogs and paid membership sites? We only bring players into the club, no spectators or voyeurs. If you are one of our members you are here to play according to your desires and expectations.

A real diversity: we strive to provide our members with a real diversity. There’s no large discrepancy between women and men. Ninety-five per cent of our members aren’t male “teachers” perusing the five per cent female membership.

Club “spirit”. We try to meet as many of our members as possible to make sure our members adhere to the values defined in the code of conduct.

Free we derive no benefits other than those associated with the satisfaction of having set up a "safe" and fulfilling setting for people like us who find life passes too quickly and that it would be a shame not to give free rein to our desires and needs, where spanking is the leitmotif.

Protecting the anonymity of our members we encourage all who contact us and/or join us to use a pseudonym.

Thinking about joining? We would be happy to meet/welcome you if…

• You are an adult of legal age

• You are clear in your desire to give or receive spanks (or both); you are well-adjusted and sure of yourself

• You are ready to play, understanding that we are all more or less available depending on the moment. Like any game, the chemistry between two people remains paramount.

• You are prepared to follow a charter in order to foster a climate of trust amongst our group of spanking enthusiasts

Send us an email to introduce yourself:


Please specify :

- your sex

- your age

- your city

- your position: top/bottom/both

- receiver/giver/both

- your experience

- your motivations

- your email address

Your will be contacted as soon as possible by one of our administrators (facilitators) to discuss your application.

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